My Top 5 Netflix Shows/Movies

Check out this list of some of my favorite shows to watch on Netflix. Have you seen any of them? Do any of these sound intriguing? Let me know in the comment section below! **(Numbered in no particular order)**

  1. 3%
    – What is it?:
    3% Netflix’s first original series to be filmed, produced and acted by Brazilians and can be streamed in various different languages now online. This thriller is about a dystopian society set in a future world where people at the age of 20 can compete to be part of the 3% and leave their tattered and poverty stricken “side”. Of those 3% of  competitors who win this sort of ‘Hunger Games-esque’ competition can join the world of affluence and progress known as the Offshore and live the rest of their lives in peace.– Why is it important?:
    This is one of those shows that just sucks you in and you can’t leave your computer screen till it’s over! From the beginning of the shows it plays all these mind games, it has you questioning your morals as it questions the players. You see yourself aligning with characters you might write off in the real world. 3% will leave you feeling sad, shocked, disgusted, thrilled, and confused all in one fell swoop. I think this is a great series to not just enjoy watching, but to test yourself. See how quickly you catch onto the clues and quizzes hidden throughout the series and test your own moral stances.How is this helpful?:
    All this is happening in a sort of futuristic setting, but you can’t help but wonder, is this where we are headed or perhaps we are already there? It touches on the morals of the younger generations, our emotions, logic, but my favorite subject they really like to grasp on is the political corruption going on within the system. Everyone is hiding secrets and at every turn you will gasp, I don’t want to ruin it, but I promise you that!

(Can watch it in English on Netflix)


  1. Touch
    – What is it?:
    Touch is a series (unfortunately canceled after season 2) that centers around a dad who lost his wife in the 9/11 attacks at the World Trade Center and his woes in advocating for his ‘special’ 11 year old son. His son is special in that he has never spoken a word, but instead communicates through the maniacal scribbling down of numbers and patterns. Following these numbers take them both on a journey from NYC to California helping people and uncovering truths along the way.Why is it important?:
    Touch really makes you appreciated the bond a son and father have in this world. It shows us all how strong the paternal instincts go. Even when the son, Jake, did not communicate or even like to be touched the dad, Martin, always found a way to figure out the numbers and help his son. Even if that means climbing cell towers in the pouring rain.How is this helpful?: Touch was also created/written by Tim Kring whose previous series “Heroes” also had this ‘there is a meaning to everything’ aura. And although both these shows are sort of piecing together religion, science, fiction and math, connecting anything from string theory to ‘the read thread of fate’, it is still really interesting watching them piece together these completely outrageous claims, it works your mind helping you to form bonds through the storyline. There came a point where I knew exactly where the numbers were headed before the main character knew! Puzzling shows like these always work your mind helping you connect the dots, a useful life skill.  I think it’s also really interesting how this show has made some characters really caring and the ‘special’ to seem just as algebraic as their thoughts almost inhuman at times. Food for thought.


  1. DollHouse
    What is it?:
    DollHouse is a series (unfortunately canceled after season 2) that revolves around a mysterious company running underground operations in places known as “Doll Houses” all over the world. These DollHouses find beautiful people in need of something (money, a new life, an escape) and reprograms them with new and temporary personalities to become ‘Actives’ or ‘Dolls’. These Dolls can be hired out to wealthy clients looking to accommodate certain desires, or even conduct heists. They do it all. This series follows the Doll known as Echo and her journey into become a self-aware doll.Why is it important?:
    This show explores the idea of having too much power. From the beginning of season 1-2 you get an eerie idea of how strong this companies is and how high up their power goes. Although i won’t ruin the show, let’s just say all this power can really get to people’s heads (literally). This show also takes place in the now and then a fast forward to the future showing us what could happen if we get too consumed by money, power and technology. Although the science is off it is truly an eye-opening series about how little power we each really hold and how we can build it.How is this helpful?:
    This show teaches the viewer two things: What it means to be self-aware and how build yourself from being just another helpless doll to a strong self. If this show taught me one thing, it’s that if you keep yourself grounded, use all the resources available to you, and literally put your heads together, there’s nothing you can’t do



  1. DOPE
    What is it?:
    Dope is a movie about a regular high school senior, Malcolm, and his friends living their lives, obsessed over ‘90s hip-hop culture, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air clothes style and trying to make it through school in a high-crime ridden area in Inglewood,California. Malcolm is just trying to get prepared for his Harvard interview and finds himself in some trouble with a drug dealer which sets him on a journey to evade the gangsters and escape his reality.Why is it important?:
    Dope makes you keep rooting for Malcolm to make it out of his situation and onto a better path. With this films energetic and fearless writing making the frantic scenes combust into a musical effects. This type of film is catered to eclectic vibes of youth today. Dope is pushing forward its social message of being your truest self to others and to oneself. Its also about overcoming your circumstances and using them to grow stronger.

    How is this helpful?:
    First we have drug dealers, then we have a Harvard interview. This movie shows us the controversial outcomes that come with with life changing decisions and brings them together. This is a unique movie in which you can see a Harvard applicant and drug toting high school student all wrapped together. This movie perfectly humanizes the people living in this part of the nation often left to the stereotyping imagination of pop media critics.


  1. Reign
    What is it?:
    Reign is about Mary Stuart Queen of Scotland who travels to France with her ladies-in-waiting to mary the king’s son, Prince Francis for political gain. Although this is just a political connection, Mary and Francis have a clear attraction for each other even though France has reservations about the alliance with Scotland. Mary also becomes close to Francis’ illegitimate half-brother, Bash, whom Mary finds herself drawn to. But, the French Court is not her ‘home sweet home’ until she actually marries Prince Francis her engagement and life are threatened. Throughout the series Mary must find a balance between what her country needs and what her heart needs.Why is it important?:
    This is by far one of my all time favorite shows, not just because I love European history, but because it shows how a young girl who grew up under strict protection and humble beginnings grow up to be a strong fearless leader. A leader guided by both logical and emotional morals. This is a show meant to empower women not only through Queen of Mary, but through her ladies in waiting, mother in law and cousins. If anything the women in this show have proven to be the stronger of the characters. They were left to make the tough choices while showing a face of absolute grace. **Note that this is a dramatization of actual historical facts. 16+How is this helpful?:
    I myself love to watch historical dramas who oftentimes even have made up characters. Why? Because I love being entertained and then left with questions! I always have two tabs open when watching these types of shows 1. Netflix 2. Google. These types of shows spark an interest in learning the real stories of these historical figures and their countries. Even to the point where I try to track down their lineage and see where these political ties led them. I’ve retained so much more from these shows, than I ever did in my basic high school history class. Want to learn European history? Watch a dramatized version and quiz yourself!

*Post written for my Interactive Narrative course at NYU*

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