Robotics Camp at Daytona State College!

When school ended I attended a Robotics Camp at Daytona State College! It was so much fun and I learned a great deal to bring back to IT club the following school year. We created many useful robots through out the week.

robotics camp 1

Working on a Conveyor Belt with the team!


On the first day of camp the students were given a challenge. Our challenge was to create a machine that could transport a ping pong ball from one table to another. Our group decided to split up into 2 sub groups. My group decided to create a Conveyor Belt to transport the ball across the table and down to the ground, where after it could be transported across the floor and back up to the next table. After an abundance of trial and errors, it finally worked! Yippee!


On one of our fun afternoon field trips to varies parts of the Daytona State College campus in Daytona Beach, we created  an underwater robot, or what I like to call it the “Glider”.

The Robot I made with my group!

Our teams robot.

My team's robot battling with another teams. The suspense is growing!

My team’s robot battling with another teams. The suspense was growing!


On the last couple days when all the groups were done with their mechanisms, they had to present them. This is a picture of another robot the other sub group built. It’s purpose was to shoot the ball up onto the table using air pressure. It worked great!


 Towards the end, all the campers were given a Sound-to-light unit to make at home. The Sound-to-light unit lights up whenever there is a loud enough sound. For example, if the doorbell was ringing the Sound-to-light unit would light up. This could really be useful for the hearing impaired. Here is a picture of a working Sound-to-light unit one of my fellow campers put together.


On the very last day of camp we went to Disney Quest in Downtown Disney. It had a great time! We learned about the different types of engineers that are needed to create a roller coaster, like mechanical and computer engineers. We also learned about the computer programs that are used to create video games like Pac-man and BattleZone. It was a very exciting day going through all 5 floors of fun at Disney Quest!

PicMonkey Collage423432

Outside of Disney Quest, Downtown Disney, Here I am in the gift shop, My fellow campers and I in the bus on the way home from our last day of camp:(

Overall, I had an amazing time! I learned so much about robotic engineering I never knew about and I made some new friends who share the same passion as I do.  The staff was great too! They really made us feel like real robotic engineers. They gave us a simple task to do in a complex way  and a time period in which to finish it. And boy did we succeed! I think this camp was a big eye opener into the world of engineering jobs and the challenges you will face and how to fix them. I am so glad I went! 🙂

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