Camp Sci Girl – Women in Tech Movement

Camp Sci Girl – Women in Tech Movement

The Women in Tech Movement topic is always an interesting and ongoing one! In 2013, less than 18% of AP computer science students were girls. This needs to change! Camp Sci Girl is a free virtual summer camp for middle school girls interest in learning about computer programming. Camp Sci Girl is here to help close the gender gap in the technology field. Our summer camp is designed to introduce middle school girls to the wide array of careers in tech fields.



This past summer, I joined the Camp Sci Girl team, as a social media expert. As part of the Camp Sci Girl team, I also taught Intro to Java Programming using MIT App Inventor. On the first day of the camp, the 60 girls that had registered were split up among the mentors; I was assigned 5 girls, all with a clear drive to learn. As we met for our first Google Hangout, I knew these girls would excel. Instead of diving right into Java, I let the girls dip their toes in the water; we talked about their past experience with programming and how it relates to every aspect of our lives.


After the success we had throughout our pilot program last year, I was given the opportunity to attend to Ashoka’s Catapult Incubator Program at Stanford University—an accelerator program for high schoolers creating start-up companies. Through Ashoka’s, Camp Sci Girl has been able to work with DLA Piper–the biggest law firm in the world–, Google and Stanford students. Being in this program has allowed me to be at the forefront of the women in STEM movement and create a bigger impact for the community of women worldwide.


If you are a middle school girl/ know one who is interested in getting ahead in the tech field visit the Camp Sci Girl website to sign up today! (With parents permission form

If you are in high school or college and have experience in programming and want to mentor girls visit the website!

Check out our team!


Check out the website ( for more info and for dates on the 2015 session!



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