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Volusia County – Tomorrow’s Leadership Seminars

Every year a prominent group of successful High school Juniors (about 40) in Volusia County, are chosen to participate in a year long program called ”Tomorrow’s Leaders”. This year I had great honor of  having been  chosen to participate.  During this year long program, the students get to  attend seminars where we learn key leadership skills and information about various careers  such as, law, engineering and the medical field.

Our Induction into the program was on October 3oth. Here as some pictures from the Induction.


1st picture is a flyer. The 2nd picture is of the students who also got inducted from my school. 3rd picture is of my mom (Coupon Mamacita) and I. 4th picture is of me:)!

Here is a brief overview of the two most recent seminars:

Seminar 1- Health Care & Criminal Justice Part 1

During this first seminar,  we learned about the wide field of hospital care. From doctors, nurses, health insurance plans and more! We toured Halifax Hospital and the Justice center drug court in my county during this seminar. We went up to the France Tower Helipad atop the hospital, which was really fun! We then toured Orthopedics, the ER, Radiology, Neonatal and Pediatrics services. It was very interesting to see all the different jobs that are required in a hospital and how they all have a hand in saving patient’s lives every day. After hearing all about the jobs in human resources  and trauma services, we took a bus to the Justice Center for drug abuse (drug court). At Drug court, we watched multiple cases about the consequences of taking drugs and the outcome it has in the court system.



1st, 2nd and 3rd picture are view’s from the Helicopter Pad atop Halifax Hospital.
4th picture is from the Justice center Drug court in my county.

Seminar 2- Education/Economic Development

At this seminar we visited the International Motorsports Center in Daytona Beach across my the Daytona 500 Speedway. We learned how important it is for the business/PR world, to reach out to a certain audience. After hearing about the wonderful world of social media and branding, we visited the Executive 8th floor terrace in the IMC building. A terrace where only the top executive get to go to!



Pictures from my day at the International Motorsports Center. PR Seminars, team building exercises and view form the executive floor terrace visit.


Later in the day we visited the Velocitorium Daytona 500 Experience.  Inside the Velocitorium is a combination of history and technology merged into one. There is a hall/passage filled with information about the history of NASCAR and the technology behind the making of the cars.


Volusia County - Tomorrow's Leadership Seminars stemlatina.com

Our last stop for the day was at Raydon. Raydon is a company that builds simulators for training the Military in combat. As we toured the facility, we got to see how the parts in a simulator are made and all the work and engineering it takes to build one. I especially liked how they have recreational ping pong tables for the computer programmers to relax and come up with new ideas to solve a  problem. After touring the facility we got to experience first hand one of the simulators. There were three positions in the simulator, the driver, the commander and the gunner. I was the gunner, which means that I was the one who controlled the weaponry and had to target anyone who  was trying to hurt our tank. We were successful in taking out many of the targets. This was one of the most fun seminars, since I love a good simulator/video game. I hope to intern here one day :)!

Volusia County - Tomorrow's Leadership Seminars stemlatina.com

My visit to Raydon!


Overall it was an amazing experience and I cannot wait until the next one in January!



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Women In ScienceRaising Awareness for the lack of Woman in STEM!

Could you believe that in the Mid 1980′s, 32% of degrees in Computer Science were awarded to women? Even more shocking is the fact, that since then it has been declining and is now at 18%. I cannot believe it! That is in Computer Science alone, I can’t even imagine what the other STEM careers are at right now.  The lack of involvement from Women in the STEM fields are astounding.

Whenever I ask my female friends to accompany me to the IT Club (computer club), they give me a weird stare and say “My brain doesn’t work like that”, that’s like saying: Women don’t have the brainpower to stand up for themselves. Woman in STEM are faced with hurdles everyday they have to jump over. Woman have to work twice as hard as men do in the STEM fields, to stand out among the crowds of men trying to be the best. As Ellen Swallow Richards, a Chemist from the 19th century once said, “The men are here to stay; we might just as well work with them.” Woman are capable of doing anything, science during the day,  taking care of the kids at night.

women in STEM

Working in STEM fields is not just about being a minority (woman) in your career, it is also about *Drum roll please*… finding a job and getting paid a higher salary. Microsoft predicted there will be more IT jobs than there are people working in the field, men and woman alike being able to fill them. This is why STEM is a great place to work in. Here is a fun fact: woman earn an average of 77% of what men earn for doing the same jobs in careers not in STEM. Here’s the fun part, women earn 33% more than woman in non-STEM careers.

Whitehouse.gov  MIT LAtina

We need to steer clear of 18%, that is the number! Stem can be a lot of fun! If you know someone who is even mildly interested in science, show them how fun it can be. Join robotics competitions, compete in your local school science fair, join your computer club at school, volunteer at a hospital, fiddle around with your computer and see where it takes you or even create a paper roller coaster like I did for my Physics class.

paper roller coaster

All of the famous people in the world started at the bottom, Albert Einstein, Amelia Earhart, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Marie Curie,Rosalind Franklin, Jane Goodall and so many other inventors and innovators. Don’t get discouraged if things don’t go your way the first time around. We all start at the bottom from the day we are born and it’s our job to rise to the top, but don’t forget the only place you can go is UP.

Just to remind you, here are some more statistics of the lack of participation from women in STEM. Statistics are awesome! :D

Computer Science and Engineering

Here is a video I saw a while ago and was just astounded by all the great inventions and innovation the women of my generation are doing.

I don’t own any rights to this video

If you are looking for any ways to encourage females about science, here are some really cool sites I love.

If you know any Middle, High schoolers, college students or educators, let them know about the NCWIT Aspirations. An organization helping females become immersed in STEM. There is an award going on right now for High school girls interested in having a career in computers. Check it out, I’m applying are you? :)


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